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The Thomas A. Lamb Memorial Field House facility offers many options for various sporting events, recreational programs, large expos, trade shows and seated conferences.   The open floor plan allows for three full-sized basketball courts which can be inter changed into three full sized volley ball courts.  There is a full sized batting cage that can be set up, and there is also an indoor track.  The field house open floor plan allows the ability to be set up for an expo or a trade show however is needed.  It is the perfect place for a  guest speaker and seated conference or a concert.  The field house is able to hold a capacity of 1572 people.

The field house dimensions are 110 ft x 216 ft. The facility has a bleacher capacity of approximately 340 people. The amount of foot traffic the facility has also makes it an ideal place to  offer your company heightened visibility, and highlight your company by creating positive publicity.   For more information on marketing or events please contact  401.615.8241


100 Factory Street, West Warwick, Rhode Island, 02893, United States